Welcome, one and All!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Harrison. I am a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago, and I’m 22 years old. If you’ve somehow stumbled into this little corner of the internet, let me be the first to say, Welcome! Sorry that this place may be a little sparse right now, but that will change very soon. I plan on using this website as a sort of a semi-professional domain where I can work to advertise myself and my skills in a way that I have more hands on control over. This part of the website will mainly work as a sort of blog forum where I’ll post about various things that I find interesting. This first post is mostly just an introduction for those who’re curious about what exactly they’ve stumbled on, and to get you all acquainted with how all of this’ll work moving forward. That’s pretty much all for now, thank you for your time and attention.





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